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Arizona will recognize 69-year-old widower's marriage


Fred McQuire and George Martinez were together for 45 years before getting married in California this summer. When Martinez passed away in August, McQuire wasn’t eligible for social security and veterans benefits because their home state of Arizona bans marriage equality.

In order for benefits to be received, a death certificate must be issued listing the surviving spouse — so McQuire sued the state for one. And this week, US District Judge John Sedwick ruled that Arizona must recognize them as married. The decision only applies to this couple, and does not legalize marriage equality in Arizona. 

McQuire said in a statement via Lambda Legal, ‘I’m ecstatic and so grateful that my marriage to George is recognized. My birthday is next week and this is the best birthday present I could have ever hoped for. This is the highest honor that we could offer George and his memory—he would be so proud. Even though this ruling is for George and me, I hope this is going to help other families, too. No one else should have to deal with the pain and humiliation of not being able to take care of something as simple and sensitive as a death certificate for their spouse.’ 

Sending him all the love in the world. Congratulations on a well-deserved victory. 


Here you go, hope I see it soon, love the work you guys do btw <3
Have a nice day !





They are pretty adorable together….. I’m happy for them

I didn’t think I’d ever see another couple as gorgeous as Jasika Nicole and her wife Claire, but there you go.

Awww :’) sooo cute!!!!



The thing is when you’re bisexual, you’re not really surprised when a straight person is biphobic. Sure it sucks and you’re like “well fuck you too dude” to whoever the prick is; but it’s not so astonishing.

Biphobic gay people on the other hand, actually hurt like a motherfucker. Like bro you’re supposed to be on my side??? Like even “my people” can’t accept me?? That hurts so much more than some random dude who expects a threesome.


transfriendly jobs



 i’ve been doing research about jobs/companies that are accepting of trans and the like since i’m going job hunting again next month, and i found this list, which lists trans-friendly businesses. it links to this page, a directory for employers.

tagging so people can see it, i figured this might come in handy for some people!




imagine: a court system where you do not know the gender, race, sexual orientation, wealth, name, ect. of the person being charged

think of how different the punishments would be



Getting a surprise head massage from my amazing boyfriend Craig :)